We offer what is called managed hosting for our VPS environments.  For some that’s a term that they have heard but may have questions about exactly what it means.

Most service providers of unmanaged hosting provide a Virtual Server and you are on your own as to the building of the system, the monitoring of software services, system uptime, security and other updates.  For them the demarcation line ends at would it technically be possible for your virtual machine to start.  So, they concern themselves with the uptime and availability of their infrastructure but don’t worry about your software stack in your VPS.  That’s your responsibility.  Backups fall in the same category.  Not their problem…


Our Managed Hosting services include the following:

  • VPS Operating System install and configuration
  • Security and other software updates as needed
  • Detailed Monitoring of Systems Performance and service availability and uptime so that we can address any issues that might arise
  • Backups
  • System security

We understand that there are situations that a client doesn’t want someone else running updates or maintenance on their system and want to take that responsibility themselves.  Maybe you have a custom web application that doesn’t take upgrades well.  We understand and can talk about customizing service packages that keep that in mind.  We typically prefer to have at least a certain ability of access to the system for monitoring purposes and to quickly address problems that arise.

    If you would prefer, please give us a call at 828-484-1257.