Worry free hosting with the following features:

Plans that can grow as your business grows
Automated Performance and Uptime Monitoring
Routine Security Checks
Scheduled Backups
A Personal Touch

Let’s face it, at the big hosting companies, you are customer number #5736321.
When “Bob” answers from the call center you wonder what his real first name is.
We offer a local, personal touch. Based in the United States in the Asheville, North Carolina and Tri-Cities, Tennessee area (Kingsport, Bristol, Johnson City.) We do our best to meet our customers needs as quickly as possible and keep an eye out for what they may need to consider next.

Whether you’re looking for a web brochure, a full web site or if you’re hosting your companies VPN hub in the cloud and running docker containers we can help you get started. Are you planning VPS’s for your corporate intranet with Webmail, Wiki’s, CRM software and messaging software? We can do that for you. Even if you’re a developer needing a git server or a dev environment in the cloud we can help you get setup.

Shared Web Hosting Packages start at $360 per year.

Dedicated VPS packages start at $600 and are fully managed with full monitoring, security checks, backups and more.

Contact us today to see how we can help you host your business needs online.

If you would prefer, please give us a call at 828-484-1257