A selection of site that we host – scroll down to the bottom of the page!

In the meantime, checkout this list of software available that we’ve worked with in the past:

Apache/Nginx webservers
Mysql/Postsgresql database servers
Openvpn/pptp vpn servers
TigerCRM and other CRM packages
MediaWiki and other hosted Wiki software
Digital Asset Management servers such as ResourceSpace
Postfix/exim/sendmail/dovecot mail servers
webmail servers
ejabber/prosidy xmpp chat servers
Various game servers
mumble voice chat servers
Nextcloud file sharing/cloud collaboration servers
Ticket management systems like RT/Roundup
Content management software like joomla,wordpress, drupal among others
Version control software such as svn, git and gitlab servers
Monitoring servers such as zabbix, munin, observium, phpservermonitor and more
PBX servers such as FreePBX
Unifi and UNMS Wifi and router controllers and management software
Proxy servers for load balancing and high availability
Development servers for custom software projects. (Nodejs)

The list could go on and on.



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